Saturday, 27 December 2008

winter sun;

Monday, 22 December 2008

a throne;

today i met up with an old friend and we took some photos around our old town (:



Saturday, 20 December 2008

frank turner@proud

If you haven't heard of Frank Turner (front man of Million Dead) and you like folky, acoustic music, check him out!

Frank&his girlfriend

Jim Lockey, first support

Ben Marwood, second support

The gig was at Proud Galleries in Camden and they were awesome- old stables converted with a stables theme running through. wonderful =D
Unfortunately I was much too short to get photos of Frank playing, but he was awesome.

the ballad of me and my friends;

more from London- on friday evening I went to see Frank Turner, a folk singer in Camden and he always plays his song 'The Ballad Of Me and my Friends" at the end of his gigs, inspiring this post of photos of my wonderful best friends from uni in London.



The last two days i've been in London, staying with my flatmate, Rhi, in London. It was soo good to see them all again! Rhi took us all to Spitalfields market which was awesome- i've never been before! here are some photos;

lovely lovely (:

Monday, 8 December 2008

chai tea & vitamin c ; photography

I think I've eaten about 15 'easy peel citrus fruits' today, drunk 4 cups of chai tea and burnt 3 incense sticks. I feel good.
Birdcage necklace- Accessorize
Swallow necklace- Topshop

cut out and fly away ; inspiration

Whilst in Berlin I saw an exhibition of work by Yukiko Terada. It was the exhibition I had been looking forward to the most and i really wasn't disappointed.
The show, 'Curious' is a set of garments, from dresses to hats to bags, with organic shapes (mostly Ivy leaves and butterflies) cut from them and reconstructed around the garment.

The experience of being in the gallery its self was awesome- it felt as if the butterflies were fluttering around you. I had to exercise a lot of self discipline not to steal one...

Each of the cut outs is hand sewn-
"I sew without a machine, only with my hands.

Sewing by hands takes much longer than by machine, but the process is important for me.

Every stitch makes its own impression, and each is a gesture against consumerism and overproduction."

For the final week of term I've been set a project influenced by someone I saw in Berlin- I'm choosing this. Challenge time...

I'm off to try and sort out my life now. I hate how I've just gone to university and already I have to decide what to do next year...

All images from Galerie Deschler.
See more of her work at