Sunday, 28 September 2008

shoe-flower ; photo manipulation


Some photo-manipulation exploring pattern, inspired by Soviet textile designs.
Meet my new shoes!! My gorgeous purple brogues, which were bought before I left for
university. I LOVE them. Especially the patent tip!
And secondly, another pair of purple shoes, this time heels with elasticated straps.
Yum yum yum.
I've got my internet back, but I'm so busy...I will try, though. Promise...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

bad attendance.

I'm sorry for my complete absence from blogging, and reading blogs. My internet has stopped working, which is SO SO frustrating. I'm still generally having a good time, I miss home and my boyfriend a lot though. I'll be going to London next weekend to stay with him, so hopefully I'll...have something to report on.

Sorry again, to anyone who has me on their blogroll, (note to self- need bog roll...) and checks back.
I hope I'll be back to posting soon.

And Ed, this doesn't have a category, so no cheeky sly comments about my messiness, okay?

Monday, 15 September 2008

SALE PARTY ; polaroid


my flatmates and I at our SALEPARTY.
Frustratingly, I still don't have the internet in my room, AND my landline won't work so
I can't chase them up about it. I'm irritated that I've missed all of the
runway coverage, but I'm sure I can catch up with it.
That, and my favourite blogs.
And sleep.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

i'm a bad person ; polaroid


I'm really sorry for my current absence. I am now moved into my halls, and I'm getting
on really well with my flatmates and everything. The whole situation is still pretty
daunting and there are a lot of very arty looking well dressed people around.
I don't actually have the internet until at least monday in my flat, so I'm currently drinking some coffee really slowly and using free wi-fi at an internet cafe. I will be back as
soon as i can be. The next at least week will be frantic but...fingers crossed
I won't freak out TOO much and want to come home...

Saturday, 6 September 2008

I've got my things ; polaroid



goodbyes ;

Just a short post to say that my blog will be neglected over the next few days.
Tomorrow I move to university, and i still have a LOT to do. Also, I have no idea
when I will be able to get internet connection in my halls. I'm sure I'll have some very interesting stuff to post when I can though!

For now, a short from going out to the pub with my boyfriend and two of friends.
Isn't it strange how you often have a better time with people you hardly know than with
people you know better?

(i apologise for my scary smile. I think i was lusting after Jack's dreadlocks...would they suit me?!)
(i also apologise for Ed's scary face. He's dashingly handsome, really!)

Please don't give up on me, though! i am a lot more committed to this blog than I was to fam! i won't desert you!!

Love Annah.

9 months ; polaroid


my love.
thank you for making them.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

toy-camera ; lomography


I'm really interested in lo-fi, analogue photography. That was the base of the name of my blog,
and even though my is primarily digital work, I will have some more photographs from my dianaf+
I don't know how many of you are familiar with deviantart, but for those who aren't, let
me explain. It's a free art community where you can post your work, and 'watch' other
deviants. The content ranges from photographs taken on a mobile phone to work
for publications, from illustration to fetish photography, to crafts, fan art, animation...
the list goes on and on! check it out!
Anyway, I've been a member for ages (under different usernames...) and i've been watching the group toy-camera for a while now. The group is
aimed at people who are interested in photography with toy cameras- holgas, dianas, polaroids...
you add them to your friends, receive updates of work, and
once you've 'joined' you can log in and upload your own photographs.
So, i hope I'll be accepted into this group and be able to post some of my own!
As I don't want to infringe anyone's copyright by posting anyone's photos, I'm going to
take advantage of friendship and feature my best e-friend; Alexis.


ps. posts may be a bit thin on the ground over the next few days. Busy times!
But I WILL post when i can.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

sway ; outfit

So I lied. This isn't an outfit. It's a nake-fit.
But, it was my last day at work today (working at a coffee shop) and I didn't get
any decent pictures for the self-portrait a day thing i'm doing on my deviantart.
Anyway, my uniform was pretty ugly. And shapeless.
Unisex shirts.

The next few days are going to be pretty busy; taking my brother out,
staying at my boyfriends, going out for our anniversary, going to the pub with
him and his friend, going to a farewell party.
I will try and post before I move!


Thank you for everyone's lovely comments on this blog. They really mean
so much! The point of starting over was to make it cleaner, more concise.
Which I've just messed up with writing too much...

my favourite ; polaroid


light cast from a stained glass window.
beauty in light form.

Thank you to my wonderful (perfectionist) boyfriend for helping me to
tidy up this blog a bit. now just help me with my room...


A few changes

Hey, it's Ed here - Annah's boyfriend. I've been given permission to clean this blog up and make it more user-friendly.
  • I changed and simplified the labels on all previous posts, and they're now linked on the right so you can exclusively browse, say, all her wonderful polaroids. I just hope Annah continues to use my labels and doesn't make a horrible mess of them again!
  • At the bottom of the page an archive of all posts can be seen, to make it easier to find something from further back without scrolling down a list of the entire blog. This will be more useful as the blog becomes larger.
  • A link to the webfeed has been added in the sidebar, with cute icon
  • The page scaling has been adjusted slightly. Previous the main section used 67%, and the sidebar 30%. I slimmed down the sidebar to 25% and adjusted the main section accordingly. Now those of you without widescreens can see all of the blog title banner, and those with widescreens get slightly more text space.
  • Finally, the post footer is now more legible and the colours of links have been changed to nice red (main) and charcoal (sidebar). No more clashing colours and red underlining.
That's all for now. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to use, without using one of the generic built-in styles. A bit of individuality is a good thing. Tell me what you think.

Take care

note from annah;
thanks, ed (L)
you perfectionist, you (:
although, you just messed up the labelling by not putting this under a label!
And you went against my right alignment :@

Monday, 1 September 2008

a bow ; outfit



keep all ; polaroid

Actually, no, it's beautiful.

The other day I noticed this post by kingdom of style on etsy seller, bloodgloves. She sells
the most bizarre, but really quite charming pocket shrines.
It reminded me of this shrine in Cannobio, Italy.

I know this polaroid isn't perfect, or very interesting to other people, but what I love
about photography is the way photos mean something special
to each individual person. And I think this is beautiful.
It reminds me of a beautiful place.


How do people like the new blog? I'm trying to keep it more structured than
fam, with less 'mess' (although everything IS in a mess...)