Thursday, 22 January 2009

unconventionability ;

At the moment on my foundation course we're getting a lot of workshops and seminars, and today i attended a really interesting on on 3D Textiles. Unfortunately my outcomes weren't amazing, but i've got loads of ideas.
I also came across this wonderful artist,

She takes materials, from drinking straws to Scotch tape and created incredible sculptures from them.

- Drinking straws

The shapes she creates are so beautiful, they really make you look twice and wonder and the beauty in every day objects

- Paper cups

I wonder how many, many hours she spends, trying to perfect how to stack/stick/melt/manipulate her materials...she must have such patience!

- Paper plates

- Pencils

- Scotch Tape

images; Ace Gallery

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

nature's colours ;

wood and rock.

low contrast ;

photos from another beach walk. the weather was fantastic when we set out,
but Cornwall's weather is sucking right now.
I sat in a cafe with my friend and we watched the rain come towards us across the sea.

windy hair.
last two photos by Jack Alexendroff.

overdue ;

being back at uni means i have no time to myself. i hate sitting here at my laptop when my flatmates are in the kitchen, it's so much better to be around them! i've been trying to keep up with taking daily photos, and here are some from the other day. the weather was atrocious.

i've been wearing this coat a lot more this week, seeing as i left my coat in a club last week and can't get it back until thursday. luckily, it's a lot warmer than i expected.

Monday, 12 January 2009

damp ;

caught in a web ;

come on, summer...

Sunday, 4 January 2009

london in monochrome;

on my way up north(ish) i passed through London and took a few shots through the train window. Despite them being pretty bad quality (moving train+reflections...) i thought i'd share them because it gives the buildings a different feel somehow.

Friday, 2 January 2009

garden creature;

although the sales for me have not really been accessible (i need to hold onto my money...) i have splashed out anyway. kind of.
there was the lipsy dress, and then this coat I got from New Look the other day.
Yeah, okay, New Look. Greaaaat. Tacky crappy clothes. But this coat is actually really nice!

kinda a war-time pixie vibe...

the background image is the lining. a really nice touch...

i've also bought several things second hand;

A pocket watch from spitalfields market- i also got a load of old clock parts and faces.
A vintage leather boxy bag- should be useful for going out, seeing as i can't be trusted with something without a strap...
The Just So Stories were a gift from my best friend- actually my favourite present. It's so beautiful. And 107 years old!

An old Enid Blighton book (with awesome illustrations) and another old book with a beautiful cover.

I also managed to find a lovely skirt in H&M which I hope to get photos of soon. I'm off to stay with friends for a few days so hopefully will return with many pictures!