Wednesday, 3 September 2008

toy-camera ; lomography


I'm really interested in lo-fi, analogue photography. That was the base of the name of my blog,
and even though my is primarily digital work, I will have some more photographs from my dianaf+
I don't know how many of you are familiar with deviantart, but for those who aren't, let
me explain. It's a free art community where you can post your work, and 'watch' other
deviants. The content ranges from photographs taken on a mobile phone to work
for publications, from illustration to fetish photography, to crafts, fan art, animation...
the list goes on and on! check it out!
Anyway, I've been a member for ages (under different usernames...) and i've been watching the group toy-camera for a while now. The group is
aimed at people who are interested in photography with toy cameras- holgas, dianas, polaroids...
you add them to your friends, receive updates of work, and
once you've 'joined' you can log in and upload your own photographs.
So, i hope I'll be accepted into this group and be able to post some of my own!
As I don't want to infringe anyone's copyright by posting anyone's photos, I'm going to
take advantage of friendship and feature my best e-friend; Alexis.


ps. posts may be a bit thin on the ground over the next few days. Busy times!
But I WILL post when i can.


Mila said...

Woooow, i am so amazed by these gorgeous pictures.
I also mentioned in one of my posts i am really dying to get a Lomo camera, a Holga or Diana camera.
I love the atmosphere these cameras create... amazing!

Thanks a lot for sharing..

Miss Woo said...

Hey missy nice new blog :D I have been away from blogging for so long I missed out on all the changes! The photos are beautiful, esp like the last polaroid.

Kelsie.Lynn said...

wow, your pictures on deviantart are simply stunning. keep up your photography like im so jealous of you haha and im sure others are too

The Clothes Horse said...

These are so great. Looks like a wonderful new online friend to share inspiration with and from.

Alexeiz said...


Eleh said...

these pictures are beautifully taken indeed.

p/s: im loving your hair colour. it really suits you. and oh. you're linked! sorry it took me soo long!

Susanna-Cole said...

Inspiring images, really fantastic! :)