Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A few changes

Hey, it's Ed here - Annah's boyfriend. I've been given permission to clean this blog up and make it more user-friendly.
  • I changed and simplified the labels on all previous posts, and they're now linked on the right so you can exclusively browse, say, all her wonderful polaroids. I just hope Annah continues to use my labels and doesn't make a horrible mess of them again!
  • At the bottom of the page an archive of all posts can be seen, to make it easier to find something from further back without scrolling down a list of the entire blog. This will be more useful as the blog becomes larger.
  • A link to the webfeed has been added in the sidebar, with cute icon
  • The page scaling has been adjusted slightly. Previous the main section used 67%, and the sidebar 30%. I slimmed down the sidebar to 25% and adjusted the main section accordingly. Now those of you without widescreens can see all of the blog title banner, and those with widescreens get slightly more text space.
  • Finally, the post footer is now more legible and the colours of links have been changed to nice red (main) and charcoal (sidebar). No more clashing colours and red underlining.
That's all for now. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to use, without using one of the generic built-in styles. A bit of individuality is a good thing. Tell me what you think.

Take care

note from annah;
thanks, ed (L)
you perfectionist, you (:
although, you just messed up the labelling by not putting this under a label!
And you went against my right alignment :@

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