Wednesday, 19 November 2008

a senstive bore ; mixed media

If there are any students in England out there, considering doing an Art Foundation year before a degree, DO IT. Seriously. Even if you're not going to do an art degree, it's free before you're 19 and it's SUCH a good, exciting year.
It really opens your eyes.
Here are some swatches I produced in the last few days. I was looking at layers, suspending time and disintegration.

The plasticy material in a lot of these is actually a water soluble film which i've left undissolved. Over time, I suspect the film will get damp from the petals and start to deteriorate. Interesting, eh.


I hope you like them...


Blair said...

That sounds like an awesome program....too bad I don't live in England! :/

Lust for Fashion said...

wow that looks amazing!!

jaleh said...

these are seriously incredible!

Vintage Tea said...

your swatches are amazingly cool. I love them.