Thursday, 6 August 2009

i need your help, please!!

I'm going to put pendants up on my etsy shop very shortly (and have a giveaway on this blog planned, so keep checking back!)
However, I need your help- How much do you think is reasonable to sell these for? They're 1x3", made of glass and solder with beautiful objects captured in the middle. I would sell them with a black ribbon.
I can also personalise them, with text, images, objects (so long as they're quite flat)

so, a poll.

It would be awesome if you could vote and leave a comment, would be so helpful! thanks!!


brooke said...

Hi annah,
These are really lovely. If they're as nice in real life as they look on your blog i would definitely buy one!
I especially like the lace ones too.
Keep it up, the possibilities with these things are endless!
Brooke x

Studio600IllustrationJeremyBeswick said...

nice stuff u love it !!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Annah, Seriously these are gorgeous, you could easily sell them for like £12-14 with the work and materials that must go into them. Country luxury craft items like these sell for a fair amount! Millie X

annah-logue said...

awh, thank you millie (: obviously i'd love to sell them for that, but they actually don't cost too much to make (it;s mostly time) so i'll aim for slighly lower, but thank you!

lol. sammy. said...

I would like one of every one in that picture. Could work out quite expensive though ha.. x

jess said...

These are great. I adore the lace ones.

Christina Sanders said...

They are beautiful. I think they would definatly sell - I would buy one! I'd probably want it on a chain though not a ribbon, so maybe think of offering that? If it is more money you could charge a bit extra?
However if they didn't come on chain it wouldn't put me off getting one as I could easily get a chin myself.
Well done, they are beautiful.


charlotte said...

hi just came across your blog randomly but had to comment and say i really really love these! i would definitely pay £8 and love that you can have them personalised. hope to see them in your shop soon :) xx

This girl said...

Hello! I've just come across your blog, its gorgeous. I love your work too! I shall follow you.

Anonymous said...