Friday, 29 August 2008

not quite flying ; outfit


I harbour a secret (well, not anymore...) desire to make this duvet cover into
a dress. It's so amazing. And old. 26 years, in fact.
My boyfriend stayed over last night, and we both woke up with alcohol induced illnesses.
We suck. To be fair, it might be my mother's stomach bug...
Anyway, this resulted in not actually going to work, but instead going to pick up
my little brother from Shoreham airfield where he got to fly in a Catalina.
My dad is obsessed with this plane. He's written two books about them, and is
the Editor of the Catalina News. How sad.
Anyway. I'm insanely jealous that brother dear got to fly and I didn't.
The hull of the plane looks like a boat, because it can land on water.

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susie_bubble said...

That's a fantastic idea turning the duvet into a dress....loving your new blog by the way!