Saturday, 30 August 2008

send it ; outfit

Today I got this gorgeous vintage Laura Ashley dress in the post.
I won it on ebay for only £7 posted, and although at first I wasn't sure about the
neckline, I really am pleased with it now (:

The print is light pinks and greens, with a navy background. I hope this will
make it more versatile for autumn as well as spring and summer.
Also, from a distance the pattern looks a bit like lace.


Paris said...

Awe, love love love it!! A real 'little lady' dress. I got a laura Ashley dress from ebay some years ago and the quality is so impressive!

You're going to LOVE falmouth!! What course are you doing? Getting into Falmouth is HARD, so you should be proud hun! I know a guy doing his degree in illustration there, he loves it!

I know what you mean about the Twiggy/Goldie Hawn comment. I thought the same, especially with that cropped hair!xx

selinaoolala said...

i thought it was lace on first sight too! looks like a great investment, it would never go out of style