Sunday, 12 July 2009


Today I went to New Designers in London with my mum, which was amazing. I picked up so many postcards!
One of the girls from my uni has been approached by Chanel for one of her samples!
I didn't take photos there, though, There wasn't the time!!

Playing with a sparkler.

New dress, from Sugarhill Boutique (:
(altered by me)

This was taken with the lyrics to one of Elliott's new songs going around and around in my head:
"Well, Josie she has a bird cage, but it's empty like feeling alone, sometimes when the storm's on the horizon you feel colder than stone."


Chelsea said...

I have never been to new designers, really want to go.
I planned to go this year after missing last, but compleatly forgot about it untill reading this post...crap, always next year I suppose.

Luna Supernova said...

pretty new dress! ah, that's so cool about the lady with the t-shirt!!! I want one haha

Paris said...

Helloooooo sweetie!!!!!!! It's sooo good to hear from you, we haven't spoken for ages! How are things at your end? How is uni going? Goodness me, that is such a compliment coming from you, I think you are MAHOOOOSIVELY talented!!! Yes we need to swap flickrs so that I can see your latest works because the last bits that I saw was your stunning photography work and I really want another fix! Haha! I am called parisa art, is that enough info to direct you to my page as I am not really quite there with how to use it at the moment. I am just looking into getting some work printed but as it's so expensive, I can only choose two pieces (which I will choose from the ones on my new blog) Any ideas which ones to go with? xxxxxx loves xxxx

yiqin; said...

Wow, so pretty :)

Cathy Voyage said...

What a nice dress! And you're so pretty!

Paris said...

Wow! That will be ace, are you going to be incorporating your photography work within textile design? That would be awesome! Where are you going to be studying? I am going into my final year Sep! Looking forward to finishing now and trying to get work. Yes, you know the other pics that i've taken down? It's because it's for a client and I got told to take it all down and keep it top secret! So I had to remove every trace and felt a bit silly, they probably won't be using me again now! Yay, we're flickr buds! Thank you for joining my facebook group, i'll add you as a friend too : ) xx

Paris said...

oh yes, I forgot to add, I use allll sorrrts of mediums including water colour, acrylic etc!xx : )

LekkereWortel said...

You know, I really love the red color of your hair. Especially at the photo at your old blog!
And like your weblog!