Sunday, 26 July 2009

Frank Turner & Jim Lockey @ Cheltenham Town Hall

More gig photos...
it was an awesome gig, i stayed with one of my best friends from Uni, Arthur. After the gig we stayed up until 4, watched Gossip Girl, pushed pillows in one anothers faces and messed around with the speed on vinyls. Bob Dylan sounds just as amazing sped up and slowed down!

The lighting at this gig was all over the place, half the time it was red so i had to turn them to black and white so they were half way decent.
although, i think they work black and white...

and i love being short enough to wriggle to the front without upsetting toooo many people!

Jim Lockey (support)

mmm the drummer (which shirt) was yumm.

Actually, they were all pretty yum.

(possibly my favourite photo of the night)


Jim Lockey&band came on at the end for "Ballad of Me and my Friends"

(second favourite photo.)


Liyana said...

yeay!! concert photos!!

adam said...

Looked awesome :-)