Sunday, 19 July 2009

birds, deer and swings.

Here are some more photos from 15th.
My friend James, who's a very keen photographer (way more technical than me!! i envy his knowledge!) knows how much I love birds, so he took me to Groomsbridge Place as a birthday gift. they have raptors (birds of prey) and these massive swings in a wood, deer, loads of play areas and peacocks!
it was an awesome day!
(prepare for a ton of photos- you said you liked them! (which i really appreciate, than you (: ))

These deer were so beautiful..they were in an enclosure first, and we thought they were really shy, but the started to talk towards us, only to leap, one by one, over the fence and run off! it was lovely (:

James, on the massive swing. He has some of me, which i might post when i get them off him. I was wearing a dress (stupidly) so it was a battle against the wind..

cute chicks

my future home

my future holiday home

Such beautiful show offs...

my favourite image of the day..

'artsy' black and white time...

angry peahen!

the raptor display:

The handler has a really interesting outlook on his business- looking after the birds and putting on shows. he never strokes or touches the birds (other than holding the strings from their legs) because he sees them as 'employees' and pays them for their work with food and keep.
You've got to admire his passion- this guy is out there every single day, keeping up this business, with no government funding, just the donations that are given in at the end of shows.

Pimms o'clock! i didn't want my photo taken.

Just look at their faces!

Hope you liked the photos! what was the last amazing animal you saw?

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Chelsea said...

Definately, I need to have a proper explore of Fal. This looks like fun, more summer days should include animals, swings and Pimms.