Sunday, 19 July 2009


post 100.

16 july:
writing by the light of a candle, legs dangling out of my window. i can hear rain drops being caught by the leaves from the recent storm. my fairy lights, as ever reflected so perfectly in the window, the candle casting beautiful shadows on my curtain. my hair, my arms in the window. i love that silhouette. i feel beautiful. i love the curls my hair make, in that relection. i love my arm, it looks slender, in that reflection. each fairy light reflected five, ten times. i' m in love with light. with reflection. my cranes in the lantern, my camera, my pipe. the national. the cool air on my feet and the brush of plants. a cigarette butt, number 10 but idon'twanttothinkofyou.
shadows. oh, i love life right now. no, i love being alive. i feel so alive.

shut up, annah.

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The Clothes Horse said...

The light in these is so pretty.