Sunday, 26 July 2009



A postcard bought a smile, a breakup bought a tear.
(i was unsure about posting these- they seem almost voyeuristic and self indulgent and pathetic. but..i don't know. it's emotion. emotions are there to be shared, i believe.


After work I made 8 soldered pendants for my mum's colleagues.




Travelling photos. I went to see Frank Turner (see photos here.)
I wish I'd had the guts to jump on that train, and gone to live in my uni town for a few days.


Midnight, flooded platforms and magazines on payday.


Bad things happen when I get paid.
New watercolour pad, new moleskine, new topshop dress that I have been lusting over for ages and was reduced to £15 and then i bought home and got in a state because i thought it was too small even though it's a size 12 but it turns out it's too big. how is it possible to get the two mixed up?
oh, and i knocked myself upside down at work. my eyebrow is bruised and swollen and sore.
go annah.

thank you for enduring stupid long photo posts...


rebecca said...

i love the pictures ofthe rain. there is something so magical about rain. how everyone reacts to it and how chaotic it becomes everyone frantically running for shelter. and when you run in the rain it feels other wordly! i live in manchester so rain is the norm here. people always complain about it but i think you should enjoy what you have and if its rain learn to love it and let it inspire you. sorry to write such a long comment. your picture just inspired me!

Finn Clark said...

Hi Annah. Those pendants of yours are excellent, I’m sure they’ll sell like hot cakes when your Etsy store is up. Lovely pictures too, except perhaps for the moth (eurgh). I love the one of the cars on the road though, and those gig photos look really professional too, well done xx

Paris said...

Awe hunny, i'm so sorry to hear about your break up! Are you ok? You have so much to look forward to with uni and exploring your wonderful talents further though so the only way is up! I like your bit about sharing emotion, you're right, why hide it? It's life and learning so facing it and posting it is healthy! Well done you, I hope you feel liberated!

The photos in the post below, WOW! However you caught the light like that, is so beautiful! My mum lives in Cheltenham, I see you were there too! I think one day we will have to collaborate for sure!?!?xxxxxxx

indigotangerine said...

your photo posts aren't stupid at all, but quite lovely. I'm sorry about your break up. that picture of the rain pouring down is spectacular

R. said...

I'm so sorry about the breakup. Your photos are lovely, they truly have a sense of feeling and emotion.

Ruxandra said...

love the pictures, and you din't have to be sorry.emotions are for being shared.

Indie Bella said...

Thats a beautiful birdcage and mannequin. Where did you get them?!
And those souldered plates are lovely, they look so pretty and special :)

Christina Sanders said...

I have that dress! I love it, unfortunatly I got it in a size 8 and it is too small for me. I've worn it once, but it is so tight now and uncomfortable! Wish I had the size 10 or 12!

Love your photos by the way, beautiful.

Christina x

Anonymous said...

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