Thursday, 2 July 2009

Bon Iver

Here are some of my favourite photographs that I took at Bon Iver on Tuesday. Supporting him was Alela Diane, who has really such a beautiful voice. As it was so gorgeous outside and the gig was inside a big tent, not many people came to see her play, so we managed to get right to the front (except for a tall, fat man infront of me, but my friend let me swap places, as he's tall (: ) and stayed there for the whole gig.

Beautiful light flooding in before Bon Iver played.

Bon Iver. I get so many emotions rising in my chest when I think of them playing, There was so much emotion in his playing, some of the songs were just so heart breaking it watch. I'm pretty sure he was crying at one point, and all of them just seemed to put their very all into each song.
During The Wolves (Act I and II) Justin, the lead man, asked us all to sing along the "What Might Have Been Lost" lines, and I was so very close to crying! The united voices of so many people was just so wonderful.

I think Blood Bank was my favourite live. Skinny Love was amazing, the drums were awesome. They had these big drums and the (two) drummers were hitting them exactly in sync with massive padded sticks. I couldn't get any photos but it was incredible.

As well as being incredible at what they do, they all seem to be such genuine, gracious guys too. Justin said thank you after each song, and made it clear how important people coming was to him, how much it meant to him.

I'm sorry for such a picture heavy post, but i just really wanted to share these with you!
(More- yes, more, on my flickr)

Also, two of the photos were featured on a review of the gig which can be read here.


the maisies said...

you're so lucky to see bon iver! i wish :)

Bridgette said...

Bon Iver is awesome! I love all of your shots from the show.

Your blog is beautiful! So many great images!