Thursday, 9 July 2009

birthday, part 1

Sorry for the absence, it was partly because I had friends staying for several days and partly because i've just been feeling really unwell.
I've worked a few days as a supply teaching assistant at a school for children with severe learning difficulties, which is really challenging.
There are also at least 5 confirmed cases of swine flu in this school, so please cross your fingers for me that i haven't got it!!
Before I catch up on 3x3 photos, i'll show you some more photos of when jack came to stay (:

Jack looking stoned,

And Jack looking happy.

Very hot, waiting for friends in london. also looking rather chunky. ew.

Apparently there was a breeze?

In La Tasca, a tapas restaurant. We managed to get tickets for Stomp AND a meal for £20 each.

Jack usually looks smarter but couldn't find his smart shirt and it was too hot.

A gorgeous pendant that we found in Covent Garden- a gift half from jack, half from me to myself (:

Amazing packing cases at the Bluebell Railway


(: (:

I realised I'd left my phone in a park with the ducks. I got it back, though.

We had watched the Darjeeling Limited the night before, so this felt very topical!

Jack caught a duck.

That'll teach Jack to tease ducks...
(don't worry, we got the cigarette straight from the duck, so it isn't addicted to nicotine..)

Sorry for all the duck photos...they were just so beautiful! i actually took about 100 photos of them...woops..


Jack's wish coming true...

Sorry for such an image heavy post! hope you liked them!


Luna Supernova said...

beautiful! there were so many photos I liked that I've forgotten most of them already, to name a few, the texture of hair in the first shot, the pictures out the window of the train (I love the darjeeling limited!), the pendant and the luggage. Looks like an amazing day.

Anonymous said...

Should have lit the cigarette while the duck still had it

Annabelle said...

So many cool images, some of them were v good - artsy :-) Great post.

karl's sweet child said...

yesssss i liiiiikee them!!
cute pictures of you and james!
i linked your blog :)

indigotangerine said...

they were all so beautiful. I love ducks, I think they are so beautiful. A few of my favorites were all the train pictures. the last one, the ducks and the one of jack balancing. You two are far too cute. I like your matching red hair. Are you planning on doing anything proffesionally with your photography? You are such a talent.

Jess said...

I love ducks. If this was the fourth, you and I were in Covent Garden the same day!
I saw La Cage Aux Folles though- it was amazing!
What was Stomp like?

yiqin; said...

I love the photso! They are taken so well. Love the hat & the shot taken on the train :)

k.l. said...

jack looks like a redhead cillian murphy! lovely pictures all around

selinaoolala said...

awww lovely post! you both look so happy, and both have GREAT hair!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, i really loved all of these, made me feel warm inside.

Anonymous said...

how pretty travel pictures!